Inge-Mark Likes the Robustness of ScanX HR Battery Operated CR Scanner

IInge-Mark is a small service company based in the Province of Santander in Colombia. Founded by Omar Garza in 2014, Inge-Mark was initially based in Barrancabermeja. Four years ago the company moved to Bucaramanga, 100 km further to the east.

Inge-Mark mobile X-ray inspection with Computed Radiography

The company specializes in radiographic testing of welds. “Our main tasks are field inspections of welds on in-use pipelines with diameters that variate from 2 to 6 inches” commented Omar Garza.

Omar Garza himself is very much active on site and he likes to choose equipment for efficiency and easy transport. In that regard, they are using portable X-Ray tubes, battery operated, featuring 160 kv. The perfect tool for those small-diameter pipeline inspections, where portability is key.

To improve its quality and service, Inge-Mark has evaluated the use of digital radiography. “The advan­tages of digital radio­graphy are the direct image acquisition and evaluation on site. Sometimes, we are busy in the field for a few days before we get the chance to be back in our labora­tory to process x-ray films and get the results of our inspections. If something goes wrong with a weld, we need to get back on site for a re-shot. Sometimes, pipelines are in very remote areas, pretty difficult to access, it’s very time consuming to reach.”

They have been using CR Technology, with the ScanX Discover HR, because it has some advantages on flat panel detectors, “key is portability, of course flat panels are pretty portable, but an imaging plate does not weigh anything. Moreover, it can be bent around the pipes like traditional films and there are no electronics that need to be carried to the weld, sometimes in wet terrain”.

Inge-Mark X-ray Inspections

To execute their jobs in those remote areas, sometimes not covered by any network, not even mains, they have chosen the battery powered ScanX Discover HR: “This scanner is a great addition to our battery-powered X-ray tubes, and allows us to work efficiently even when there is no power.” Moreover, the small size and light weight allow them to easily carry the CR Scanner everywere, usually in the back of their truck.

“We’re very satisfied with the image quality delivered, and the ease of use of the ScanX Discover HR. But what makes an even bigger difference with competition products is the robustness of the equipment.”

Mounted on rubber, equipped with protectors and robust engineering, the ScanX Discover HR is the workhorse for difficult conditions. This suits perfectly the heavy weather and usage conditions Inge-Mark is sometimes facing: jungle-high humidity to desert-dry conditions, transportation on bumpy paths and usage in the field, the battery powered ScanX Discover HR can face any condition, even the most harsh.

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