Integrity Testlabs speeds up inspection process using Computed Radiography

Integrity Testlabs LLC provides NDT services using a wide variety of non-destructive inspection methods and disciplines. As their company commitment statement says, “This company is driven by hard work with commitment to quality while performing the task safely. This company recognizes the fact that customers demand integrity services with emphasis on reliability.” Brian Duke, Regional Manager, adds: “We at Integrity Testlabs, LLC take great pride in our work to ensure a quality product and result every time we perform an inspection.”

Integrity Testlabs inspection trucks

Integrity Testlabs uses the DÜRR NDT ScanX Discover HC computed radiography scanner and associated ScanX View software to perform erosion/corrosion measurements in the field. When asked for their experience with the system, Brian Duke made the following statements:

“The ScanX Discover has proven to be a pivotal part of our daily operations, allowing us to achieve quality results without fail. With its compact size and rugged durability, it has proven to keep up with the most demanding of situations. Its compact size has provided an easy installation in the most compact areas such as a field radiography darkroom, which are notoriously small with limited counter space. Compared to other units that require a complex set up and large counter space, the ScanX Discover has proven to be versatile, easy to relocate, set up and operate. With its beautiful seemingly simplistic belt feeding system and simple to use ScanX Software, it can stand up to the dust, dirt, and abuse of constant use over long periods of time.”

“With minimal maintenance we have been able to process several thousands of imaging plates, producing a consistent and quality image every time. This provides the technician with a sense of assurance and security knowing that the image will not be compromised during the developing process, as opposed to that of conventional film with chemicals and forced air drying.”

“The ScanX Discover paired with the ScanX Software has opened doors for our company by allowing us to create and develop exposures at any time and provide almost instant results.  When performing high volume Profile Radiography, the user can scan, import, create an image with wall thickness readings and export the image to a format of the customers’ liking in under 10 minutes. This is vastly shorter than the conventional process, which can take as much as 30 minutes for one image.”

Convinced by the ScanX system and the dealer support, Brian Duke summarizes: “With the Assistance of DÜRR NDT, we hit the ground running with the ScanX Discover in tow and haven’t looked back.”

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