ScanX Discover HR - Computed Radiography System

Highest resolution due to design and innovation

We made a commitment to develop and deliver products tailored perfectly to the needs of the non-destructive test industry. Through a process of continuous improvement of existing products and development of innovative new solutions, DÜRR NDT has very quickly become one of the market leaders in digital imaging for NDT.

Certified* 30 micron basic spatial resolution!

The ScanX Discover HR has been certified* as having the highest resolution available in the NDT industry, with a basic spatial resolution of 30 microns per pixel. This certification shows that the Discover HR can easily address and exceed the most critical requirements of the Military/Aerospace, Space Hardware and Nuclear markets by producing the highest image resolution.

*according to ISO 16371-1, ASTM E 2445, ASTM E 2446



Perfect image quality – film-like or better



Significant reduction in consumables



Technology proven in thousands of units

Crystal clear

Crystal clear

Precise laser spot for optimum image quality

Few moving parts

Few moving parts

Reliable – minimal maintenance required

Proven in field applications

Non-slip surface
Lightweight rigid transport case protects the scanner during repositioning.

Robust design
Light, portable and rugged – ideal for field applications.

Battery option
Integrated rechargeable battery allows truly remote operation.

The rugged lightweight

Designed for the rigors of industrial applications, the ScanX Discover HR is the most portable and rugged solution for demanding NDT environments.

Constructed around a rigid extruded aluminum frame and clad in a protective rubber bumper, the scanner is protected against real-world conditions. The vibration damping feet isolate the optical system from interference and ensure optimum image quality, whatever the application.

The optional internal rechargeable battery allows truly remote operation, and the scanner is lightweight, man-portable and simple to transport in any vehicle. Hard and soft cases are available for convenient transport of the ScanX Discover HR

Perfect solution for high resolution imaging

Equally at home in a field inspection application, a production environment or a laboratory, the ScanX Discover HR has the features, image quality and versatility to meet the most demanding needs. By selecting the imaging plate and adjusting scanner parameters to match your shot technique, you can customize the image quality and exposure time to your exact requirements.

ScanX Discover HR also offers the most versatility for plate handling – scan plates of any practical length, custom plate shapes, scan multiple plates simultaneously, and erase plates in the same pass for optimum throughput.

And since our D-Tect X software is tightly integrated with the scanner, it includes the tools needed to get the best results – time after time.

Technical data ScanX Discover HR
Laser spot 14 µm
Dimensions (W x L x H) 39.4 x 45.7 x 35.6 cm (15½” x 18” x 14”)
Weight 20 kg (44 lbs.) – with battery 21 kg (46 lbs.)
Electrical 110 – 240 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz
Laser Classification Class 1 Laser Product. Compliance with FDA HHS 21 CFR 1040.10 and IEC 60825-1
Imaging Media Phosphor Imaging Plates
Temperature Range / Humidity -7 – +46 °C (20 – 115 °F) / 5 – 95 % (non-condensing)
Software D-Tect X
Battery (optional) 24 VDC
IT-Requirements D-Tect X
PC-Connection USB
Accessories Hard Case, Soft Case, Imaging Plates, Plate Protectors, Cassettes


Hard carry case

Lightweight case for scanner transport

Imaging plates (IP)

Different resolutions and formats