Easy and intuitive handling

An image in three steps: expose the imaging plate, scan it and view it with ScanX View software. The reusable imaging plates can be used with X-ray or gamma radiation sources and record the image information. By scanning the imaging plate, a digital image is produced that is displayed on a computer within a few seconds. At the same time the imaging plate is erased, making it ready for the next exposure.

Equiped for harsh conditions

The system operates flawlessly even when working in dirty, damp, hot and cold conditions. Oscillation-dampening rubber pads isolate the optical system from vibrations and so ensure optimum image quality. A lightweight, extruded aluminum frame further protects the scanner from damage.

Oil refinery
Power plant

Mobile and dependably

ScanX Discover is especially suited to operating conditions where mobility and dependability are crucially important. The optional Li-Ion battery pack can power the scanner during scanning, making it independent of a power supply. Thanks to its relatively low weight it is easily carried and simply transported; when needed its carrying case with rollers offers further portabi­lity and convenience.

  ScanX Discover HR ScanX Discover HC
HD image capture -
Isotopes -
Laser spot 14 µm 50 µm
Optional battery