ScanX View NDT Software

Always the perfect solution

ScanX View can be learned quickly and easy – the perfect complement to all our digital imaging systems – flexible IP and cassette-based CR scanners, and flat panel DR detectors.


ScanX View supports the DICONDE standard, so the user can be certain that images can be archived, exported and then viewed on any other DICONDE compliant system, or simply transferred to that system. Optionally, ScanX View offers additional DICONDE functions such as PACS connectivity.


ScanX View is the all-in-one software solution. All functions from image acquisition, analysis and related report generation, to export, archiving and database management are included.

Individually tailored, perfectly adapted

So that your workflow, which differs slightly from company to company, can be represented perfectly, we are happy to tailor an individual solution for your needs. The software will then perfectly meet your requirements and your established processes can be retained.

Wall thickness measurement

This tool makes it possible to measure the thickness of pipe walls and to issue a warning when less than the minimum thickness is detected.

SRb determination

The basic spatial resolution (SRb) can be determined very quickly and extremely accurately with this automatic measuring tool.


Image calibration is precisely and quickly performed by using a reference object. Further measurements in the image are based on this calibration.


The report function contains information about the image, its origin and all measurements.

Ideal for Aerospace applications where consistent quality and highest image resolution are required.
Tailored to fit your needs
ScanX View is a versatile software platform that provides the tools, quality and information relevant for your particular application and workflow.
Recommended system requirements Minimum system requirements
Intel® Core™ I7 Intel® Pentium® IV
min 500 GB HDD 100 GB HDD
Discrete graphics card with 2 GB RAM Graphics card with 128 MB RAM, 32 Bit
Full HD display 1920 x 1080 px Display 17" SVGA
Microsoft® Windows® 7 Ultimate 64-bit Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional, 32 Bit
100 Mbit NIC (Ethernet) Interfaces: USB 2.0, NIC 100 MBit